Business Litigation

Gray Plant Mooty has earned a sterling reputation for trying and winning cases for our clients. Our litigation attorneys are recognized by Best Lawyers, the American College of Trial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, Chambers, and numerous bar associations for the results we get in state and federal courts, arbitration, and mediation.

We are aggressive, effective advocates for you in litigation settings. At the same time, we’re very aware of how difficult litigation can be for a company. So we work hard to avoid it whenever possible. If litigation does turn out to be the best answer, we’ll move quickly to contain costs and minimize its impact on your business.

What we offer as litigators at Gray Plant Mooty is straightforward: experience and expertise, a collaborative approach, and positive results.

Experience and Expertise

We have more than 50 litigators on our team at Gray Plant Mooty, offering nationally recognized expertise in subject areas ranging from the latest Internet issues to more traditional matters.

Collaborative Approach

If your company is contemplating litigation, chances are you will be concerned about costs. And certainly those costs can be significant.

However with Gray Plant Mooty, the bottom line is that you are in control. We work very closely with you to understand exactly what you want to accomplish, and what resources are available to you for achieving that goal. And we develop our strategies accordingly.

Whether it’s an all-out effort or a more modest approach, we use a variety of technologies to offer you the best possible service and efficiency. Using Web sites, intranets, extranets, virtual private networks, and other resources, we collaborate with you to manage even complex litigation throughout the country.

Positive Results

Results are what it’s all about, and Gray Plant Mooty litigators get the job done. From the most technical points of procedure to meticulous preparation of evidence to sheer power of persuasion, our team excels in successfully making your case.

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