The Gray Plant Mooty Difference
We help individuals and businesses successfully resolve disputes of all types.
  • Our litigation attorneys are former judicial law clerks, county prosecutors, and an assistant U.S. attorney.
  • Clients benefit from our deep litigation experience in virtually every type of dispute across a broad spectrum of industries.
  • Many of our clients turn to us to manage multiple, recurring disputes every year, from EEOC employment disputes to ongoing product liability issues.

When you or your company face a business dispute, you need an attorney team who has seen it—and successfully resolved it—before.

You’ve taken great pains to build your career. Worked diligently to set up your business for success and growth. Proactively considered the risks and taken the necessary steps to protect against them.

Yet, sometimes, disputes between business people and among companies are simply unavoidable.

When you find yourself facing an unexpected challenge in your role as a business owner, employee or shareholder or one that requires your company to take action quickly and decisively, look no further than the experienced litigation attorneys at Gray Plant Mooty for wise, strategic counsel to help you bring the issue to resolution.

Whether your privately held business faces a shareholder dispute, whether employees of a franchisee seek to levy additional wage and hour disputes against you as the franchisor or whether you must respond to a government antitrust inquiry or high-profile Congressional investigation, chances are that the litigators at Gray Plant Mooty have seen it—and successfully resolved it—before.

Clients benefit from the knowledge and techniques we’ve honed from litigating matters—from routine disputes to highly complex bet-the-company litigation—across industries.

Our clients are Fortune 100 corporations with global operations; some of the nation’s biggest franchises and distributors; well-known food, beverage and hospitality brands; regional and national health care organizations; colleges and universities; food growers, producers and related agribusiness companies; manufacturers; software and technology companies; privately held and family businesses; start-up and entrepreneurial ventures; and everything in between.

We also represent individuals—from corporate executives, boards of directors and shareholders to sole proprietors, employees and professional practice groups—in resolving disputes of all types.

As a result of our broad litigation experience, our clients benefit from the deep knowledge we’ve gained, the techniques we’ve honed and the relationships we’ve built over the years with judges, court room staff, and even prosecutors at other firms who have served as opposing counsel. No matter the dispute, chances are good we’ve seen it, experienced it and successfully litigated it before.

Our deep experience sets us apart from our competitors—and within the court room.

From our firm’s offices in Minnesota and Washington, D.C., our team of more than 30 litigators are some of the most experienced you’ll find. Our attorneys are former law clerks for state and federal judges, former Ramsey and Hennepin County prosecutors, and former attorneys with the U.S. Department of Justice. We’ve led some of the most high-profile litigated matters in some of the biggest industries and helped set legal precedent.

Litigation is not the first stop.

No matter the type of dispute, our approach is the same: We work with individuals and business entities to first understand their goals, objectives and desired outcomes, as well as financial considerations. Then we develop a strategy employing all means available to help resolve the issue outside of the court room through negotiation or alternative dispute resolution. From experience, we know when to treat a dispute with a modest approach—or when to push forward aggressively. And, when litigation is the only clear choice, clients benefit from our innovative legal strategies, our vast court room experience in state and federal courts, and the strong reputation we’ve cultivated among judges and magistrates over time.

Our skills are sharp because we train for litigation all year long—on our dime.

Regardless of the scope of your dispute or its implications for you and your business, you require a team of attorneys who are ready to serve you at a moment’s notice—and who have past experience resolving similar types of disputes.

At Gray Plant Mooty, we take this very seriously. In fact, our litigators train all year long—on our time and at our expense—to keep our litigation skills sharp and to develop new techniques drawn from the collective wisdom and experience of our peers. Annually, the firm’s associate attorneys participate in a year-long mock trial, with senior lawyers serving as witnesses, judge and jury, to fine-tune court room skills and gain critical feedback in real time. Our dedication to ongoing learning and skill building sets us apart from our peers. As a result, your attorneys are constantly primed, armed with new strategies, aligned as a team and ready to go to work on your behalf.

Our firm offers leading-edge resources to support your litigation needs and help manage costs.

Gray Plant Mooty has invested significantly in the in-house resources and staff to manage all facets of litigation support for the benefit of our clients.

Our shared client Extranet gives authorized officials at your company shared access to trial documents, pleadings, briefings and pertinent information to help manage one—or multiple—matters.

And, with the dramatic increase in disputes in recent years involving electronic discovery and Big Data, our litigation support team offers innovative solutions to manage large volumes of documents and data, from creating customized information databases to 3-D graphics for trial.


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