Independent Contractor Compliance Review

Gray Plant Mooty is pleased to offer an affordable proactive approach to managing employer risk. Our approach to compliance reviews combines our legal expertise and perspective with a practical business viewpoint. We candidly review the strengths and weaknesses of your current practices and policies, identify any risk areas, and provide constructive recommendations.  Each compliance review in our series is offered at a customized flat rate with a comprehensive evaluation of your company’s policies, practices, and procedures.

The laws and regulations that impact and govern the relationship between employer and employee are complex. Improper misclassification of workers under various federal and state laws can lead to costly litigation and administrative penalties. The federal government dedicates significant dollars and manpower to enforcement efforts to investigate and penalize employers who improperly label workers as independent contractors. Employers who fail to address these issues may be at risk.

During the review we will candidly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your current practices and policies, identify any risk areas, and provide constructive recommendations designed to help you create compliant worker classifications.  A standard review will typically include the following:

  • An introductory site visit or meeting with selected business or HR leaders from your organization and a member of GPM’s Employment and Labor practice group. The goal of the meeting is for the attorney to learn about your business needs, your organizational structure, and your current classification practices and policies.
  • A comprehensive analysis of all contractor arrangements you identify for us to review, including analysis of existing contracts and related documentation, as well as any applicable employment policies, handbooks, or other agreements.
  • A detailed written report containing findings and analysis of how well your current practices, policies, and systems comply with applicable laws governing the classification of workers as independent contractors, along with specific recommendations for improvement, all ranked by priority and degree of importance. Our recommendations will include proposed concrete solutions designed to fit your business and to create compliant worker classification practices and processes.

To learn more about this program, contact any Employment Law Practice Group member.

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