Intellectual Property Management

Gray Plant Mooty’s top-rated Intellectual Property Management team specializes in:

Trademark & Brand Management

The Trademark & Brand Management team works closely with clients to provide strategic advice on how to protect and enhance the value of their brands and ideas. The team’s attorneys have global expertise in obtaining registrations for traditional and non-traditional trademarks. Clients of all sizes regularly count on the team for a variety of services, including:

Trademark Prosecution & Portfolio Management

The team currently manages over 9,000 active trademark applications and registrations, both domestic and international, on behalf of a broad spectrum of clients. This includes:

  • Developing domestic and international trademark and brand management strategies
  • Trademark selection and clearance
  • Trademark registration
  • Trademark portfolio diligence and audits

Trademark Protection & Enforcement

It is vitally important to take action against potentially infringing uses of your trademarks. The team offers strategies to ensure early detection of potential trademark infringement, including:

  • Monitoring for potential infringement, including emerging issues relating to the Internet, including domain names, social media, keyword search terms and cybersquatting
  • Evaluating infringement issues
  • Developing and implementing an enforcement plan

International Expertise

Through an established global network of foreign associates representing over 200 countries, GPM trademark attorneys have access to local expertise in virtually every corner of the globe, as well as the ability to register, enforce, and defend clients’ intellectual property worldwide.

The Copyright Protection & Registration team is dedicated to putting clients in the best possible position by helping with copyright registration, licensing, and enforcement both internationally and within the United States. GPM copyright attorneys work closely with clients to protect both their traditional copyrighted media and the copyrighted aspects of their technology.

The team’s services include:

  • Copyright protection and registration counseling
  • Copyright registration
  • Authorship and ownership issues
  • Copyright terms
  • Fair use analysis
  • Copyright agreements
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Copyright infringement litigation

Trade Secrets

The Trade Secrets team takes a comprehensive and integrated approach to protecting and maintaining clients’ trade secrets by creating individualized and sophisticated protection plans. The team works hand-in-hand with attorneys within the firm who specialize in copyright and patent protection, as well as dedicated employment law attorneys, to provide clients with the trade secrets team that works for them.  

Intellectual Property Licensing & Commercialization

The Intellectual Property Licensing & Commercialization team works closely with clients to commercialize their intellectual property assets through licensing, strategic transactions, and technical due diligence. GPM attorneys structure, draft, and negotiate all types of agreements while focusing on protecting and maximizing the value of clients’ intellectual property, including:

  • Trademark licenses
  • Copyright licenses
  • Patent licenses
  • Trade secret licenses
  • Know-how licenses
  • Franchise agreements
  • Website and mobile applications development agreements and licenses
  • Software and technology licenses
  • Software development agreements
  • Software escrow agreements
  • Software reseller agreements
  • Acquisitions, IP due diligence and technology transfers
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