Product Distribution

Besides representing franchisors which are involved in product distribution, GPM regularly represents other manufacturers and suppliers of products with the myriad legal issues involved in the distribution of goods. We understand that your success as a manufacturer or wholesaler depends, in part, on our ability to limit your product liability and other vicarious liability exposure, to efficiently manage your distribution network, to police and control distribution, sales, advertising and warranty services, and to minimize or avoid litigation. We are also aggressive advocates whenever disputes arise in the supplier-distributor relationship.

We believe in drafting strong agreements that protect our clients from known and unknown risks. We also understand that in some industries, confusing text and lengthy contracts can be a barrier to getting a deal done. We work with our clients to strike the right balance.

We represent manufacturers and wholesalers ranging in size from international Fortune 500 companies to regional, mid-sized manufacturers. Call us and let us know how we can help your business.

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