Employment & Labor

The ever-changing landscape of employment and labor law poses numerous risks and challenges for franchisors—both with respect to their own employees and the employees of their franchisees. Franchisors are frequently named as defendants in employment-related cases brought by a franchisee’s employees, and increasing efforts are being taken to try and hold franchisors as “joint employers” of their franchisees’ employees. Our team of highly experienced employment and labor attorneys work closely with franchisors to satisfy their employment-related obligations and we strive, first and foremost, to help prevent employee claims. We assist franchisors in proactively managing employment-related issues by putting sound and legally compliant operations manuals, employee handbooks, and other policies and procedures in place and by providing regular advice and training to try to head off problems before they occur. In addition, should a legal dispute arise, our litigators are ready to give you the expert representation you need to assertively defend the dispute and reach a satisfactory resolution.

For franchisors with employees in multiple locations, Gray Plant Mooty offers value-added services as a member of the Employment Law Alliance (ELA). The ELA is a network of over 3,000 attorneys providing employment and labor expertise in more than 90 countries and all 50 U.S. states. The ELA offers multi-state and multi-national clients a comprehensive and cost-effective way to ensure legal compliance wherever they operate.

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