Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Many of our franchisor clients have chosen to include a binding Alternative Dispute Resolution provision in their franchise agreements. These provisions can range from requiring mediation before litigating to binding arbitration for virtually all disputes between the franchisor and franchisee. Our lawyers are experienced in drafting these provisions and resolving disputes according to their provisions, whether through mediation, arbitration or negotiation. Franchisors rely on our highly-experienced trial lawyers to represent their interests in arbitration and mediation proceedings throughout the United States. 

In some instances, franchisees ignore the Alternative Dispute Resolution provisions in their franchise agreements and initiate litigation against franchisors in the franchisee’s local courts. We have been highly successful in enforcing mediation and arbitration provisions which require the dismissal of the franchisee-initiated litigation in favor of arbitration—usually in the jurisdiction selected by the franchisor.

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