Appellate Practice

In addition to experienced litigators and trial lawyers, Gray Plant Mooty’s Franchise & Distribution Practice Group also includes experienced appellate advocates.  Therefore, we can continue to represent our franchisor clients without interruption when proceedings move from the trial court to the appellate level, either on interlocutory appeals while the trial court proceedings continue or following entry of judgment in the trial court.  We also appear as appellate counsel in cases where we have not represented the client in the trial court.

Members of our franchise appellate team have represented franchisors in every federal circuit court of appeals and in many state courts of appeals and supreme courts.  In doing so, we have established principles of franchise law of importance to our clients and to franchising generally.

Our appellate lawyers bring an extraordinary depth of experience, expertise, and sophistication in franchise law to their appellate advocacy, allowing them to address how issues presented by the case have developed over the years and how franchise law generally—in addition to the parties before the court—will be affected by the outcome of the case.  At the same time, our appellate lawyers work closely with in-house counsel for our franchisor clients to identify the best issues and arguments to present and develop an appellate strategy designed to achieve the client’s objectives.

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