Andrew J. Steil

Principal, Community Banking Chair
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Direct: 320.202.5354 (MN)

Support Staff

Sharon Mackereth
Direct: 320.202.5342

Andrew represents banks and other creditors in banking, litigation, lending related issues, foreclosure, and collections. Andrew has participated as lead counsel in numerous foreclosures, loan transactions, and collection actions exceeding a million dollars in principal. He has represented lenders in a variety of SBA loan liquidations and collections, and both banks and suppliers in bankruptcy preference and nondischargeability lawsuits. Andrew is a frequent speaker at industry and continuing legal education seminars regarding various collection laws, foreclosures, and related lending topics.


  • Represents lead lender in multimillion dollar restaurant and convention center loan participation litigation, including the subsequent foreclosure and collection
  • Represented lender in multimillion dollar loan liquidation and collection of a manufacturing facility
  • Represented material supplier in successfully preventing discharge of client’s half million dollar debt in bankruptcy in a mortgage fraud case against a principal of the debtor and revoking the discharge of another principal of the debtor
  • Represented receiver in bankruptcy nondischargeability lawsuit against debtor accused of embezzling from a failed bank
  • Represented bank in obtaining summary judgment against an account debtor, a large road construction company, by defeating its defenses of unmatured and contractual setoff
  • Representing bank in suing and subsequently liquidating several SBA 7a loans to franchisee restaurant operators
  • Represented debt buyer in dismissing debtor’s FDCPA lawsuit based upon a statute of limitations violation
  • Represented unsecured judgment creditor in garnishment objection hearing ruling that undisbursed Health Saving Account proceeds are subject to attachment
  • Represented bank in million dollar plus loan foreclosure by action and subsequent workout against northern Minnesota restaurant
  • Represented bank in successfully foreclosing and reselling of gas station property containing underground storage tanks
  • Representing bank in million dollar loan foreclosure by action secured by a self-sustaining ecofriendly facility in northern Minnesota
  • Representing bank in replevin action and subsequent controlled sale of well drilling rigs
  • Represented bank in litigating and successfully settling with a large mortgage originator over an incorrectly completed real property subordination agreement
  • Represented bank in obtaining summary judgment against borrower by relying upon FIRREA and D’Oench Duhme doctrine preventing admissibility of verbal and undocumented statements or agreements made by a failed bank on a loan purchased from the FDIC following a bank failure
  • Represented bank in successful summary judgment against borrowers that sued bank alleging they were charged attorneys’ fees by the bank before a jury determines the reasonableness of such fees
  • Represented bank in successful summary judgment against non-owner spouse invalidating an affidavit of postponement she filed to delay a sheriff’s sale
  • Represented bank in successful summary judgment against borrowers that were alleging prior promises to forebear and modify a loan.
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