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Andy Daly concentrates his practice on employee benefits, particularly on matters centered around employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). Andy regularly consults clients on ESOP transactions, design, feasibility, administration, compliance, and repurchase obligation, as well as other matters relating to defined contribution plans and nonqualified deferred compensation. As a Certified Public Accountant with more than a decade of experience in employee benefits, Andy is able to inform his counsel with a highly practical understanding of the financial realities faced by his clients.

Andy takes pride in supporting employee-owned companies at every stage of the ESOP development process, including companies seeking to transition to employee ownership and existing employee-owned companies looking to ensure their compliance with relevant regulatory authorities. By giving their workers a tangible stake in the success of their business, Andy helps his clients advance their key business goals while supporting the material needs of their workforce. 

Andy is also a seasoned presenter on employee benefit and tax topics at internal and external seminars, including the ESOP Association Midwest Regional Conference and the National Center for Employee Ownership National Conference, and he has written multiple articles on employee benefit issues.

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