Client Stories

The Ackerberg Group

The Ackerberg Group, a Minneapolis-based commercial real estate company specializing in urban properties, aims to create vibrant neighborhoods. It provides start-to-finish project commitment and service that focuses on fostering sustainability, improving quality of life, and creating the best possible opportunities for its clients. When Ackerberg sought to purchase Calhoun Square, a retail complex located in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis, it required a legal partner that shared its community commitment while assisting with the many challenges that were sure to arise from a deal of this scale.

Gray Plant Mooty’s lawyers brought their experience and skill to bear on the task, navigating a complex ownership structure comprised of nine different entities. When unforeseen environmental conditions on the site threatened to derail progress on the acquisition, the firm was able to coordinate a successful response that allowed the deal to continue. Gray Plant Mooty’s lawyers also provided enthusiastic and dedicated work on the negotiation of organizational, loan, and conveyancing documents, title and survey materials, and a host of related agreements.

Despite the unique set of challenges, the deal closed with a satisfactory outcome for all parties. Gray Plant Mooty looks forward to watching The Ackerberg Group work with Calhoun Square to further develop the vibrant Uptown community.

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