Client Stories

Maximum Solutions

For more than 20 years, Maximum Solutions has pioneered the development of management software for the recreation industry. Its clients include municipal parks and recreation departments, collegiate athletics programs, and fitness and training complexes.

In December 2016, Maximum Solutions received an offer from ACTIVE Network, which sought to acquire Maximum Solutions and add its products to its existing portfolio of event and activity management software. The leadership at Maximum Solution saw an opportunity to improve the quality of service to the company’s customers while providing a significant return to investors, but there was an important caveat. Due to various year-end constraints, Maximum Solutions had approximately 20 days to respond, which meant the company’s leadership needed legal counsel who could navigate the accelerated acquisition process over the impending holiday season.

Within that narrow window of opportunity, the attorneys at Gray Plant Mooty mobilized a cross-disciplinary team to assess the offer from every possible angle, drawing on the firm’s extensive capabilities in areas including corporate, tax, and intellectual property law. The team’s approach was two-fold: advising, preparing, and negotiating the sale of Maximum Solutions, while simultaneously undertaking a tax-free reorganization of the company.

While it was no small feat, the team proved well equipped to address the nuances of the deal under these significant time constraints, and the acquisition was formally announced in January 2017. Maximum Solutions’ savvy investors were pleased with the return on their investment, while the company’s existing customers benefitted from the world-class service and security infrastructure provided by ACTIVE Network. Under the guidance of Gray Plant Mooty attorneys, the leadership and investors of Maximum Solutions were able to chart a path forward for the company and its customers.

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