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Matco Tools

Matco Tools is the second largest manufacturer and distributor of tools and diagnostic equipment for automotive repair in the U.S. With a network of more than 1,550 franchised distributors, Matco’s business depends on the reliability and responsiveness of its legal counsel in all franchising matters.  

In 1992, Matco’s distributorship business was at a crossroads, and Matco turned to savvy franchise counsel, Mark Kirsch, to assist with a significant restructuring of its distribution network. Over the past 20 years Matco has experienced the same challenges facing all businesses, but Mark has been there throughout to help guide Matco in all things franchise. Whether it is implementing new programs; advising on franchisee relationship issues; modifying the franchise system and agreements to address legal, regulatory, distributor or economic issues; expanding into Canada; or addressing the franchise implications of non-franchise laws and regulations, Mark and his team provide assistance. Matco’s leadership trusts that Mark can take the long view with respect to each matter, securing results that help grow the business.

When Mark joined the team at Gray Plant Mooty, Matco came with him. Not only did Matco maintain its long-standing relationship with Mark – it also reaped the benefits of the superior legal and logistical support offered by GPM’s Franchise & Distribution group. As a result, an already solid relationship has become even stronger. With a tireless and trusted attorney in its corner, and the institutional muscle for support, Matco can continue to expand its brand throughout the U.S. and Canada.

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