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Kipsu is a pioneer in the digital messaging and Real-Time Engagement space, serving industry leaders in hospitality, transit, facilities management, and healthcare. The company is based in Minnesota but serves businesses globally.

It’s not surprising that the startup technology company with “We Build Relationships” as its tagline finds Gray Plant Mooty a well-suited partner for its legal needs. Both are equally yoked in values that include excellence, service, creativity, diversity, and developing long-term relationships.

Gray Plant Mooty provides legal advice to Kipsu on a variety of corporate and business matters, including financing, customer contracts, privacy and data security, as well as employment compensation and benefits.

Kipsu enables customers to communicate from their mobile devices—any time of day or night—with service providers such as hotels or malls. You may have benefitted from Kipsu and not even known it.

For example, if you’ve recently been in a hotel or on public transportation and you logged a request, complaint, concern, or question via text or in-app messaging, it may have been delivered, responded to, and resolved through Kipsu’s platform.

To date, Kipsu has facilitated more than 15 million unique “guest” conversations. Due to real-time communication and responsiveness by service providers, Kipsu has helped change negative customer experiences into positive ones. According to Kipsu, the platform has collected over 1.3 million positive guest reactions so far and grows that number every day.

“That’s a lot of happy people and we’re proud to be part of that,” said Kipsu co-founder and CEO Chris Smith. “Our company’s goal is to partner with the most customer-driven organizations to help them succeed through a new, higher level of engagement with their customers.”

Kipsu’s purpose is profound, yet simple: to inspire and create extraordinary experiences by elevating service providers to service professionals, enabling them to care for guests in unexpected ways.

The Kipsuvian way is a successful way, as the company is exceeding its business goals. In 2017, Kipsu achieved the $4 million revenue mark—up 87% from the previous year. Kipsu expanded its bookings, which included growth in the United States, U.K., and Europe. Last fiscal year, France and Poland became Kipsu’s 20th and 21st countries, respectively.

So, the next time you’re staying at a hotel and texting a noisy-neighbor complaint to hotel staff, think of Kipsu, and its many partners, including Gray Plant Mooty.

“Similar to Gray Plant Mooty, we consider each business more than just a customer—we view them instead as business partners and colleagues,” Smith said.   

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