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Dunkin' Donuts

Litigation or arbitration to resolve franchisor/franchisee disputes is sometimes unavoidable. When Dunkin’ Donuts needs to litigate to resolve disputes with its franchisees, it turns to a legal partner that delivers results. Recently, Gray Plant Mooty represented Dunkin’ at trial in a bitterly contested case against a terminated franchisee that had filed counterclaims seeking in excess of $11 million. After prevailing on all issues at trial, Dunkin’ filed a motion with the court to recover its attorneys’ fees. In granting Dunkin’ 100% of its fees, the court stated:

“The Court further notes that Plaintiffs have established that their counsel had not only years of experience commensurate with their billing rates, but also special expertise in franchise law, and years of experience with Dunkin’ Donuts. … This specialized experience both in the substantive area and with the client, permitted counsel to address the myriad of issues presented in the case more efficiently. The Court finds that this experience was reflected in motions and other filings that were well drafted and well supported. Further, Plaintiffs’ counsel performed admirably at trial, presenting the evidence efficiently and effectively. And of course, they were successful at trial.”

Gray Plant Mooty’s franchise litigation group works to minimize risk and expense to its clients, and tries to avoid litigation whenever possible. When litigation or arbitration is necessary, however, Gray Plant Mooty’s skilled lawyers bring the needed expertise to consistently reach successful outcomes for their clients.

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