Client Stories

8th Bridge, Inc.

When San Francisco-based Fluid, Inc. acquired  8thBridge, Inc. it presented both an opportunity and a challenge for the Minneapolis-based software provider specializing in social discovery and curation tools. Combined, the two companies could develop an industry-leading inclusive suite of digital shopping solutions for brands and retailers. 8thBridge needed a legal team that could help see it through the challenges and complexities of the acquisition process. Gray Plant Mooty served as 8thBridge legal counsel from its inception and the company called upon GPM to help guide it through the company sale process.

After several weeks of positioning and negotiations, the lawyers at Gray Plant Mooty provided 8thBridge with the due diligence investigation, negotiating prowess, and drafting expertise necessary to close the deal. Gray Plant Mooty’s lawyers took care to understand 8thBridge’s goals and priorities, which ultimately led to a successful result. Gray Plant Mooty’s lawyers played a significant role in ensuring that 8thBridge and Fluid joined forces to change the online retailing industry.


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