Mentor Program


We recognize that summer associates are new to the private practice of law and will naturally have questions, such as:

  • How do I get my work projects?
  • How do I record my time?
  • Where do I get my office supplies?
  • How do I tell an assigning attorney that I may need more time to complete a project?
  • What happens during my end-of-summer review?

These are just a few of the questions summer associates may have during their summer work experience. Don’t panic. At Gray Plant Mooty, the answers are just down the hall at your mentor’s office. To help you in your efforts to be successful and to make your experience rewarding, Gray Plant Mooty has established a formal mentoring program for all summer associates. When you begin your summer, you will be assigned two mentors—one associate and one principal. This will give you the benefit of two different perspectives from two different stages of a legal career. From introductions to other attorneys and staff, to information about work assignments and summer events, your mentors are available to answer any questions you may have. You can also rely on your mentors to give you advice on how to develop successful working relationships and make the most out of your summer with us.

Your mentors will meet with you regularly to discuss your summer experience, answer any questions you might have (but were reluctant to ask), and help guide you throughout the summer. Your formal mentors are, of course, in addition to the many informal mentoring relationships you will likely develop during your time as a summer associate at Gray Plant Mooty.

Associate Mentor Program

Should you join Gray Plant Mooty as an associate, you will be assigned a transitional mentor to help you navigate the initial passage from law school to firm life. The first duties of your transitional mentor will be welcoming you to the firm and making appropriate introductions to attorneys and staff, as well as assigning your first substantive legal projects from your practice group. Your transitional mentor will provide you with moral support and advice during your first few months at the firm.

After you have been at the firm for several months, you will be asked to select a principal to be your mentor. The mentor you select may be a principal with whom you work closely, or a principal who you simply enjoy talking to and are comfortable with, even though that person’s practice is entirely different than yours. This choice is up to you.

This mentor will stay with you throughout your time as an associate at Gray Plant Mooty and will focus on providing career guidance and ensuring that you have meaningful professional experiences. Mentors are resources for associates to help with monitoring workload, assisting with the completion of annual self-assessments and individual practice plans, and generally advising associates on personal and professional relationships within the firm. Your mentor will also play a role in your professional evaluations and will help guide you down the path to becoming a principal at the firm.

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