Interview Tips


1. Be Yourself

We know there is more to you than being a law student, just like there is more to each of us than being a lawyer. We want to know and enjoy your individual personality, and showing it to us in the interview will help us to remember you.

2. Come Prepared

Research Gray Plant Mooty ahead of time and be prepared to demonstrate that you know about the firm and can express why you have a particular interest in practicing with us.

3. Present the Best Version of Yourself

Dress, speak, and carry yourself like someone we would want to introduce to our clients. At Gray Plant Mooty, you will be interacting with clients from the very beginning of your professional career.

4. Showcase Your Strengths

Believe in your abilities and think about which of your strengths will be especially helpful to you in the private practice of law. Conveying this to us will help you distinguish yourself from the many qualified candidates we meet.

5. Anticipate Certain Questions

We will read your resume carefully, so you should expect questions related to anything on it, including a unique experience or educational background, or a gap of time that is not covered. Have something more to share in person than is presented on your resume.

6. Ask Substantive Questions

Do not think of your interview as an interview for a temporary summer position. We are looking for people who we hope will have a successful summer with us that leads to a successful career at Gray Plant Mooty. Approach the interview as if you are seeking a long-term position, and get the questions answered that will help you decide if Gray Plant Mooty is a good fit for you.

7. Be Observant

The people you meet during your interviews could potentially be your colleagues for many years. Pay particular attention to how they interact with each other, as this will give you a better sense of day-to-day firm culture than what you can read on a Web site.

Martha F. Gentilini
Legal Recruiting Manager
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