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The question of “Where to practice?” is often as difficult to answer as “What to practice?” Certainly the process of determining “Which law firm?” can be confusing. Law firms each have a unique personality, and an important part of the process of becoming a summer associate is finding the right fit for you.

What’s it Like Being a Summer Associate at GPM?


“I had less of an idea of what areas of law I was interested in after my first year (1L) of law school than I do now. I knew I wanted to work somewhere that would allow me to try out different practice areas. I appreciate that Gray Plant Mooty’s program allows summer associates to work on projects with many different attorneys and in many different practice areas.”

Maria de Sam Lazaro (University of Minnesota Law School '19)

“There are a number of aspects of the Gray Plant Mooty culture that make this a great place to work, including a true commitment to diversity. Additionally, the firm has a number of amazing women in leadership roles who are not only inspiring, but also are always willing to sit down and talk about their practice one on one.” 

Abby Swanson Garney (University of Minnesota Law School '19)  

Gray Plant Mooty’s personality stems from our enduring stability, respectful culture, and drive to do great legal work. As the oldest law firm founded in Minneapolis, our more than 150-year history is a testament to combining core values with the vibrancy and agility to adapt to the ever-changing legal market. We work hard to cultivate and protect our reputation for maintaining a unique culture of respect and collaboration. We do challenging and complex work that is vital to the success of our clients.

Being over 150 years old means Gray Plant Mooty has learned to take the long view, which informs much of what we do and who we are. It manifests itself on a personal level and it has practical applications. Among other things, the long view means that when we hire summer associates, we do not treat them as seasonal employees. We set our summer class size based on our anticipated hiring needs and always hope to be in a position to make offers to summer associates who have performed well. We provide meaningful work and observation opportunities to summer associates so that they get a realistic perspective on the practice of law at Gray Plant Mooty, and so that we get a realistic understanding of summer associates’ skills and abilities. It also means that we hire associates with the goal of helping them to be successful and to build a career with us.

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Legal Recruiting Manager
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