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2017 Highlights

GPM April Pro Bono Spotlight

Over the years a number of GPM attorneys have provided bankruptcy screening services and debtor/creditor services under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) to clients of Volunteer Lawyers Network and Central Minnesota Legal Services. These services have protected hundreds of clients from harassing and unfair practices by debt collectors. (READ MORE)

GPM February Pro Bono Spotlight

Gray Plant Mooty and the University of Minnesota's Holmes Center for Entrepreneurship are partnering on a new Student Venture Pro Bono Program. The program will provide pro bono services to student entrepreneurs who want to start businesses—for example, by helping with the creation of corporate entities or registering trademarks. (READ MORE)

GPM January Pro Bono Spotlight

GPM attorneys have been helping the St. John's Episcopal church in St. Cloud fight for the right to maintain a tiny house on its grounds to provide short-term housing for homeless individuals while they get back on their feet. (READ MORE)

2016 Highlights

GPM December Pro Bono Spotlight

Gray Plant Mooty attorney Neil Goldsmith recently helped an inmate enforce his constitutional and statutory rights to practice his religion and receive adequate nutrition while civilly committed at the Minnesota Sex Offender Program (MSOP) at Moose Lake, Minnesota.  (READ MORE)

GPM November Pro Bono Spotlight

A woman from Guinea was recently granted asylum thanks to the efforts of a Gray Plant Mooty volunteer team including Dean Eyler, Monica Kelley, Nancy Burke, Scott Wick, and Hallie Goodman, with assistance from Lori Kleinschmidt, Anne Weinauer, and Erica Tokar.  (READ MORE)

National Pro Bono Week: Spotlight on Death Penalty Appeal

Gray Plant Mooty attorneys Dan Shulman, Erin Westbrook, and Amanda Sicoli and paralegal Gayle Schaub represent Timothy Boyle, an inmate on death row in Alabama, through the Equal Justice Initiative. GPM became involved in Timothy’s death penalty appeal after Dan was inspired by Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative.  (READ MORE)

GPM September Pro Bono Spotlight

Gray Plant Mooty attorneys Amanda Sicoli and Mike Flom recently assisted a woman who was at risk of losing her housing—while she was hospitalized with a serious medical condition—because of damage to her apartment caused by an abusive ex-boyfriend. Because of their assistance, T.T.’s landlord agreed to allow T.T. to stay in her apartment indefinitely, avoiding an eviction for T.T. that would likely have made T.T. and her teenage daughter homeless.  (READ MORE)

GPM August Pro Bono Spotlight

For the past seven months, GPM attorney Julia Colarusso (from the firm's Washington, D.C. office) has served as a volunteer attorney with Hogar Immigrant Services, a division of the Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington. Hogar hosts monthly workshops in Northern Virginia for clients who need assistance in completing their N-400 naturalization applications and in preparing for their citizenship interview before U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  (READ MORE)

GPM July Pro Bono Spotlight

GPM attorney Erin Westbrook recently had her first argument before the Minnesota Court of Appeals, advocating on behalf of a Hennepin County foster-care provider who wanted to take permanent legal custody of three of her grandchildren, who were in the custody of Wright County, instead of having them placed for adoption.  (READ MORE)

Judge Orders Twin Cities School Desegregation Case to Move Forward Toward Trial

MINNEAPOLIS (July 12, 2016) – A class-action lawsuit filed last November demanding educational adequacy for children by desegregating public schools in the Twin Cities will move forward and prepare for trial, a Hennepin County judge ruled Friday, July 8.  (READ MORE)

GPM Pro Bono Team Wins Asylum for Wrongfully Detained Client

MINNEAPOLIS (April 28, 2016) - A GPM team, including attorneys Matthew Webster, Ashley Bailey, and Wade Hauser, recently won asylum for a client who was detained for weeks in the county jail despite his eligibility for asylum.  (READ MORE)

2015 Highlights

GPM Team Helps Zimbabwean Obtain Asylum

MINNEAPOLIS (Sept. 15, 2015) - A six-person team of GPM attorneys recently aided a young man from Zimbabwe with his years-long quest to obtain asylum in the United States and continue his studies at a local community college.  (READ MORE)

Ringquist Scores Pro Bono Win For Wrongfully Evicted Client

MINNEAPOLIS (Aug. 30, 2015) - GPM Housing Court team member DJ Ringquist recently helped a woman and her family defeat an eviction action and, at the same time, expunge the action from her record. (READ MORE)

GPM Attorneys Abramson, Anderson Help Client Secure Inheritance

MINNEAPOLIS (May 14, 2015) - Norman Abramson and Joy Anderson recently helped two pro bono clients secure a portion of the inheritance their father wanted them to have, which was being denied to them by their sister. (READ MORE)

Landon Authors Amicus Brief on Behalf of ACLU

MINNEAPOLIS (March 9, 2015) - GPM attorney Richard Landon recently authored an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union of Minnesota in a case pending before the Minnesota Supreme Court.  (READ MORE)

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