Firm Leadership


Managing Officers

Charles K. Maier Image
Direct: 612.632.3242 (MN), 701.298.6177 (ND)

Board of Directors

Wade T. Anderson Image
Principal, Real Estate Co-Chair
Direct: 612.632.3005
Jennifer Reedstrom Bishop Image
Principal, Health and Nonprofit Chair
Direct: 612.632.3060
Jennifer Debrow Image
Principal, Intellectual Property, Technology & Privacy Chair
Direct: 612.632.3357
Charles K. Maier Image
Direct: 612.632.3242 (MN), 701.298.6177 (ND)
Michael P. Sullivan, Jr. Image
Principal, Corporate & Business Co-Chair
Direct: 612.632.3350
Daniel R. Tenenbaum Image
Principal, Entrepreneurial Services Co-Chair
Direct: 612.632.3050

Committee Chairs

Joy Reopelle Anderson Image
Principal, Pro Bono Committee Co-Chair
Direct: 612.632.3292
Julia S. Offenhauser Image
Principal, GPM Foundation Committee Chair
Direct: 612.632.3067


Darryl C. Hair Image
Chief Operating Officer
Direct: 612.632.3442
Kelly Z. Klopotek Image
Chief Business Development Officer
Direct: 612.632.3365
Mary L. Laschansky Image
Director of Administrative Services
Direct: 612.632.3252
Jodi Schmidt Image
Director of Human Resources
Direct: 612.632.3321
Jim Schroeder Image
Regional Director of Administration
Direct: 320.202.5325
Melody Watson Image
Director of Administration - Washington, DC
Direct: 202.295.2220

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