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Each year, Gray Plant Mooty sponsors or participates in a number of activities that celebrate an array of cultural and ethnic backgrounds. For example, each year during the firm’s Heritage Food Sampler event, employees cook and bring in dishes with special cultural, ethnic, or family significance to share with colleagues.

Another in-house program is Baseline Training, a half-day diversity training initiative for employees led by an outside facilitator. This program covers demographic trends affecting the national workplace and legal professions, and engages employees in role-playing exercises to help promote tolerance and understanding.

In 2012, all GPM attorneys and staff attended diversity training sessions conducted by Dr. Arin Reeves on micro-inequities called "The Power of the Mosquito." An increased understanding of micro-inequities improves our ability to define and understand inclusion, advance diversity, and actively contribute to creating a work environment where everyone can maximize their full potential.

Gray Plant Mooty also offers diversity training to clients. In partnership with Theatre at Work, GPM developed “Your Face Here”—a theater-based training program moderated by GPM attorneys. Using professional actors in scenes that blend humor and drama, the program focuses on age, disability, gender, national origin, race, and sexual orientation bias in the legal workplace. GPM has developed three more diversity training programs for legal professionals: “Through the Cracks in the Glass Ceiling,“ “Scenes from the 27th Floor,” and “People v. Pluto.”

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