Trade Secrets

Every business has confidential information—commonly referred to as “proprietary information”—that gives you a competitive advantage. For example it could be a manufacturing process, or a customer list, or a business method. Whatever it is, its value is that your competitors do not have it.

If your information qualifies as a trade secret, and appropriate measures are taken to protect this information, employees are  prohibited from divulging it, and competitors are  prohibited from using it—making trade secret protection an excellent approach when other forms of intellectual property protection are not available. In fact, sometimes companies choose trade secret protection even when a copyright or patent is an option.

Gray Plant Mooty lawyers will help you identify confidential information as a trade secret or advise you when other intellectual property laws offer greater benefits.  We will then work with you to develop appropriate measures to keep your valuable information out of the hands of competitors and protected from employee theft or misuse.

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