Thanks to developments with the Internet and other technologies, copyright law is evolving rapidly.   It is a time of significant challenges for businesses, artists, technologists—everyone with an interest in protecting intellectual property assets. 

To put you in the best possible position in this exceptionally fluid environment, our team is actively engaged at the forefront of copyright law. In addition to copyright protection, we help you with registration, licensing and infringement issues—internationally as well as in the U.S. For jurisdictions where we don’t have our own offices, we bring in highly qualified local counsel to partner with us through our association with Multilaw.

Because copyright issues tend not to exist in a vacuum, we’re prepared to address your needs in a broader business context.  For example, you may need to document your ownership or form a company to sell your work. We routinely help clients with these multifaceted matters, working with attorneys throughout our firm to provide the expertise you need to achieve your goals—seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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