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Smart Legal Matter Management

Gray Plant Mooty’s commitment to excellent client service and efficient delivery of legal services is demonstrated with our robust in-house legal project management program, GPM GRAY MATTER™.

“Clients want and need predictability in their legal spending, regardless of the size of the project. Project management helps us to be more efficient and effective, allowing us to budget more accurately and provide more predictability for our clients,” says Mark Williamson, chair of the firm’s M&A Practice Group.

GPM GRAY MATTER™ provides a number of recognized benefits for our clients:

  • Greater predictability in legal costs
  • Thoughtful matter staffing to deliver on-budget and on-time legal services
  • Increased matter monitoring and communication
  • Pervasive internal legal project management training

GPM GRAY MATTER™ builds on Gray Plant Mooty’s longstanding commitment to providing collaborative and efficient legal services that puts our clients at the center of everything we do.  We recognized the opportunity to formalize and enhance this approach to providing legal services, and made it a core part of two of the firm’s strategic objectives:

  1. Understand and deliver value to clients
  2. Improve efficiency and service delivery through superior communication, technology, staffing, and vision

GPM GRAY MATTER™ is managed by a dedicated attorney who is also a certified legal project manager. Our project management program includes: both attorney and support staff training; active matter management; process improvement implementation; best practices development; matter management to the client’s budget; and alternative fee and pricing services.

Who is involved?

GPM GRAY MATTER™ curriculum includes internal legal project management certification for lawyers and paralegals. In addition to our in-house legal project management training, many of our attorneys have completed formal legal project management training provided by an outside consulting firm.

Marhya L. Fasching
Legal Project Manager
Direct: 612.632.3241
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